Construction machinery makes “breakout” under the help of automation application




Although China’s construction machinery industry has made impressive achievements in recent years, “speed” is no longer the only theme in the era of market economy and leap of “quality” is also required along with high-speed development. All along, China’s construction machinery industry is also facing many issues like many other industries, such as insufficient independent innovation ability, lack of core technology, poor corporate governance and disorganized market competition order, which have restricted its development. Many experts said that only by strengthening “internal work” can domestic construction machinery enterprises gain a firm foothold in the international market and finally realize “leap of technology” in the market’s “Breakout War”.

It was clearly defined that the future construction machinery shall take a “road of energy conservation” in the Construction Machinery Industry’s 12th Five-year Development Planning released last year, learned by the reporter by reviewing related information.

Specifically, it is stipulated in the planning that during the “12th Five-year Plan” comprehensive in-depth technology research will be carried out mainly focusing on low-carbon, green, efficient and energy-saving; reliability research on engine, hydraulic system, transmission components, optoelectronics information system and other aspects would be strengthened; transformation of traditional manufacturing processes and improvement of professional production scale through product structure optimization and lightweight design will be done, so as to realize the development goals of saving materials by 5%, reducing energy consumption by 15%; most products’ exhaust emissions shall transit from national II to national III standard, indications including noise and vibration reach related national standards; some products reach the international advanced level; and enterprise production process emission achieves almost no pollution. Gaming Network Baccarat Baccarat Baccarat Macau Casinos Casinos.

In fact, to achieve the stated objectives in the “planning”, application of automation products will be essential, Mr. Jin Daling also expressed that the application of automation products in construction machinery industry was promising in the future. He said, “Automation applications will be essential in the process of realizing “technology breakthrough for construction machinery”.

It is analyzed that with the appearance of “labor shortage” in the construction machinery industry at the present stage, high labor costs have begun to restrict the development of China’s construction machinery industry; and the use of advanced automation technology and products to reduce energy consumption will become the only way construction machinery enterprises take. In the future, automation businesses should enhance the improvement of automation control level along the development direction of “Intelligentization, Networking and Efficiency” and take improving the safety, efficiency and energy conservation of construction machine products as their objective, so as to help users to achieve the goal of saving energy. Most automation products used in construction machinery now are universal types; so users will more focus on “cost performance” when making choice. The industry will develop towards higher professional technology requirements, energy conservation and high efficiency in the future.

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