Construction machinery makes “breakout” under the help of automation application

Although China’s construction machinery industry has made impressive achievements in recent years, “speed” is no longer the only theme in the era of market economy and leap of “quality” is also required along with high-speed development. All along, China’s construction machinery industry is also facing many issues like many other industries, such as insufficient independent innovation ability, lack of core technology, poor corporate governance and disorganized market competition order, which have restricted its development. Many experts said that only by strengthening “internal work” can domestic construction machinery enterprises gain a firm foothold in the international market and finally realize “leap of technology” in the market’s “Breakout War


Construction machinery industry may usher in an inflection point this year

China’s construction machinery enterprises suffering market cold turned on a “backsliding” scene collectively, according to the 2012 Construction Machinery Industry’s Third Quarterly Report released recently. In the first three quarters, only Zoomlion in the entire industry achieved revenue and profit growth. Hunan Statistical Bureau released the latest statistical information on the last day last year, it was special construction machinery equipment manufacturing industry that topped the list in mass of profit, realizing profit of over RMB 2.05 billion, over RMB 10 billion higher than that of the tobacco industry ranked second, showed in the statistics of 39 large-scale industries in Hunan. With the arrival of the high-speed rail era, an inflection point of the construction machinery industry may appear in the second half of this year


Concrete pump transfer case does not deal with faulty switch

Concrete pump is adapted from the truck chassis , which is mounted on the chassis movement and power transmission , pumping and mixing equipment , fabrics , and other assistive devices devices . Concrete pump power through power transfer case sends power from the engine to the rear axle or group of pumps , pump pushes the piston driven concrete pump . Cloth and then use the lever on the pump delivery tube , the concrete to a certain height and distance. Concrete pump truck driving engine in addition to the driver , but also to drive the pumping mechanism , stirring mechanism and fabric institutions working device

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