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Account manager


10000 yuan/month

1-3 years

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With JSH, you will have the opportunity to work together with foreign experts, and have access to the training and guidance given by foreign engineers; JSH is an Internet enterprise involved in traditional industries. Together with you, we can build the modern mentality of the Internet.

If you want to achieve a better life by your own hands, JSH will be the best platform for you to display your talents. JSH is willing to become the warmest harbor for your career.


Training and Development

The company offers a variety of self-development training, new employee orientation, departmental business training, job skills training, vocational manager training, and inspection tours to employees.

The Company has set up the management and technical expertise dual-track promotion mechanism. After they entry, employees can choose the development path according to their own characteristics and interest and continuously develop their potentials, so that their capabilities and self-worth will be comprehensively enhanced, which is the unremitting direction of JSH.



1.If you are interested in the jobs, please contact us. The specific salaries are negotiable;

2.Employees having officially joined us will enjoy payments for five insurances (pension, medical, unemployment, work injury, maternity, housing fund);

3.Employees can enjoy year-end bonuses, stock dividends, annual salary promotions, and annual physical examination;

4.Paid leaves: paid annual leave, sick leave, marriage leave, maternity leave, etc;

5.Employees can enjoy benefits for national holidays and festivals;

6.Employees are offered with tourism opportunity and team outbound training once every year;

7.Various recreational activities are available to enrich employees’ spare time.



In order to strengthen the company's standardized management, improve the work system, promote the company's development and growth, and improve economic efficiency, we hereby formulate the following framework of our management system in accordance with relevant national laws and regulations and the Articles of Association.

I. All the staff must abide by the articles of association, as well as the rules, regulations and decisions of the company.

II. The company advocates the idea of establishing "a unified organization", and prohibits any sectors or individuals from doing anything that is harmful to the company's interests, image, and reputation or undermines the company's development.

III. The company will constantly improve the operating management system, growing strength and economic efficiency by giving play to the staff's enthusiasm and creativity and improving their technology, management and operation levels.

IV. The company encourages staff to study hard scientific, technological and cultural knowledge, and provides staff with opportunities and conditions for further studies, striving to improve the overall quality and level of the staff, thus creating a workforce with new thinking, excellent work style, excellent professional capabilities and superb technical skills.

V. The company encourages employees to actively participate in the company's decision-making and management, and encourages them to exert their talents and propose reasonable suggestions.

VI. The company implemented the "post payment" system, provides guaranteed income and benefits for employees, and gradually increase benefits for them along with the increase of economic returns; it also offers an environment for equal competitions and equal opportunities for promotion; it implements the post responsibility system, and carries out the attendance check and performance appraisal systems, and offers commends and rewards to staff with outstanding contributions.

VII. The company promotes the pragmatic work style, improves work efficiency, advocates austerity and opposes extravagance and waste, advocates solidarity and mutual help among staff, promotes collective cooperation and the collective creative spirit, and strengthens the cohesion and solidarity of teams.

VIII. Employees must maintain the company’s disciplines. Any violations of the Articles of Association and the rules and regulations of the company will be investigated.